ZETFON 300/310 DC

The ZÖLLNER ZETFON is a robust electrically operated whistle which is equally suitable for all types of inland and maritime navigation. The whistle operates on 24 V DC

ZETFON 300/310||

ZETFON 300/310 + Commando-facility

Technical data
Sound intensity130 dB
Frequency310 Hz
Range1 SM
ship length [m]20-<75
voltage 24V DC
cable gland [mm] maxø15/ ø18,8
fundamental frequency [Hz]310
max input when sounding [W]170
body heating [W10
protection typeIP 56
weight [kg]7+6,5
type approval BSH(DHI) no.4615/ 6021225/09
sound intensity in 1/3rd-octave band level at 1 m distance
mind. IMO 1/3rd oct130dB