ZETFON 400/310

The ZÖLLNER ZETFON is a robust electrically operated whistle which is equally suitable for all types of merchant vessels as well as luxury yachts. The whistle operates on 230V AC 1phase plus 24V DC emergency supply

ZETFON 400/310 AC1

ZETFON 400/310 DC

Technical data
ship length [m]20-<75
voltage230V AC +24V DC
cable gland [mm] maxø15/ ø18,8
fundamental frequency [Hz]310
max input sounding [W]500
standby heating [W]20
body heating [W]100
type approval BSH (DHI) no49/26P/ 83
protection typeIP 56
weight [kg]19,7+18
sound intensity in 1/3rd-octave band level at 1 m distance
mind. IMO 1/3rd oct130